Category: Gnosis Journey

In today’s fast paced life we are entangled in a whirlwind, where we get spun off center and completely intoxicated with stress and anxiety.  We are caught in a chaotic, frenzied spiral of a new addiction, people are chasing money, power, success and a wilder, faster pace of life.  Do you resonate?  Do you desire […]

“Out of the Whirlwind” September, Sunday the 23rd thru Friday the 28th —Full Moon on the 24th “Roots Down and Grow” November, Monday the 5th thru Saturday the 10th —New Moon on the 7th “Into the Light” February, Sunday the 17th thru Friday the 22nd —Full Moon on the 19th    

Are you ready to discover gnosis? To answer the call to nature, to knowledge, to Source? To challenge the limits of your body, activate your mind, and expand your awareness? What is Gnosis Journey? To uncover this miracle of life requires a dramatic paradigm shift in how we view ourselves. This shift reconnects our life […]